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Scenery home is a rich collection of landscape, architecture & nature photography as well as graphics & digital artwork ready to get large-scale printouts as photo wallpapers, photo boards, photo roller shades & wall stickers. Each object can be prepared to the individual needs and expectation of our customers. We do not offer ready-made products, but customized service. This is a difference.

Your order will be print in the QPrint company. Ready printouts you can get in the company headquarters or order expedition by post or shipping company.



tel. +48 22 211 3 211


Krzysiek Wylot

Krzysiek is a specialist of design, preparation and printing of digital graphic files.
tel.: +48 604 162 228
e-mail: krzysiek@sceneryhome.pl
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Jarek Przybył

Jarek is a great connoisseur of Fare East culture and medicinal plants. His photographs of vegetable & medicinal plants you can see in Ogrody and Kwietnik monthly magazines. In Scenery home project he presents photographs from his trip to China, South Korea, Mongolia, Thailand & Germany as well as number of graphics & digital artworks.

e-mail: jarek@sceneryhome.pl  blogger
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Magdalena Wasiczek


Najwspanialszym doświadczeniem,
jakiego może doznać człowiek,
jest otwarcie się na tajemnicę.

Paulo Coelho

Magdalena Wasiczek, rocznik 1973. Od urodzenia mieszka w Trzebini. Absolwentka Filologii Ukraińskiej na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim. Matka Trójki dzieci. Fotografuje od trzech lat. Najbliższa jej jest tematyka przyrodnicza, zwłaszcza makro. Lubi też portretować dzieci. Fotografi czna pasja zaowocowała licznymi nagrodami i wyróżnieniami w konkursach fotografi cznych w kraju i za granicą.

Zdjęcia Magdaleny doczekały się również publikacji w magazynie Digital Foto Video (nr Listopad 2007) oraz w internetowym magazynie o fotografi i Fotopolis. Trzy zdjęcia zostały zakwalifi kowane do Kalendarza portalu Digart (Digital Art. Community). Kategoria Przyroda, miesiące - styczeń, wrzesień oraz listopad 2008.


Anna Ewa Miarczyńska Hannah

Anna Ewa Miarczyńska (Hannah) studied in 1980-1985 on the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts at Faculty of Painting and Pollychromed Sculpture Conservation. She worked as a painting conservator, copyist, portrait marker and jewellery designer. In the same time she evolved she’s own drawing and painting creations. At early 90 she also made a lot of drawings, storyboards, exhibitions and presentation projects for several ad agencies (e.g. LEGEND GRUP, STUDIO N-ART).

In the present she makes portraits, copies and illustrations. But really readily she does her own fantastic and magic painting or drawing compositions, inspired by dreams, fabulous visions of another dimensions, micro and macro universe, nature, beauty of human body and soul. Very often a woman - Gaya, Devas (spirits of nature), guard spirits and angels are a subject of her painting.

Her paintings are in numerous private collections in Poland and abroad, e.g. in Ukraine, Germany, Holland, France, Sweden and USA. Source: http://www.hannah-art.pl/


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